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​How it BeginsHow It Starts

How it Begins

"Please, Mommy. Pleeeeaaaase! He's soooo cuuute!!" If your kids are begging you to get a pet, think first before making that purchase. Many pets are bought on an impulse, which is sometimes not a good thing. Before you bring an animal into your home, be sure you teach your kids how to care for pets. It may seem simple in retrospect, but caring for an animal is a big responsibility that isn't for everyone.


What We Do

Pet University is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization who promotes pet education, focused on how to care for pets. We provide training, in-person classes, workshops in the fields of pet safety, pet first aid, pet care, pet sitting, animal and pet wellness.  We also help choose the right type of pet for your home environment. 


Pets are a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and kids, but it is vital to the health of your kids and pets to teach the important pet care habits prior to purchasing or adopting one.


Our Mission

To enhance knowledge on how to care for companion animals.



Pet UniversityTM

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