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Puppy Socialization ($10 per class)

A safe, controlled home environment where your puppies can play and learn to socialize. The play time will be at a home, in the back yard. Play time is for one hour. Doggie play toys will be provided. Treats are always welcomed. 


Puppy Kindergarten Classes 

Puppy kindergarten classes, taught by a professional dog trainer, provide much more than just instructions for housebreaking and positive reinforcement. They also provide a safe environment for puppy socialization.

Dog-to-dog interaction is a crucial element of social development for puppies.  All of the puppies enrolled in my puppy training class will be similar in age, and up to date on important vaccines. This means they are safe, age appropriate and healthy playmates for your puppy.

OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDE - Your puppy will be comfortable getting:

  • Brushed

  • Nails Trimmed

  • Teeth Cleaned

  • Handled by different people

  • During Puppy Playtime your pup will have fun playing and learn to interact appropriately with other dogs

  • Safe Socialization with People

  • Leash Trained

  • No Fear of a Vacuum Cleaner

  • Cuddled

  • Examined

  • Sharing Chew Toys

Puppies must be thoroughly, yet safely, socialized to people so later in life, they do not become wary or fearful of children, strangers, or men.

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Brave Puppy ($10.00 per class)

Sound Technology


Different types of sounds can impact on your dog's happiness. Specifically a fear of sounds. Your puppy will become brave and competent and will be used to those scary sounds. I want to make sure that your dog has the best start in life. Your puppy will get used to lots of different sounds that they are going to encounter.  This class will help your puppy transition in life a whole lot easier. This class is really beneficial for owners  that have a new puppy. You have this puppy that is absorbing so much information around it. This is a very critical stage up until 16 weeks (4 months). These 16 weeks is critical where everything your puppy hears becomes normal. My class will expose dogs and help them to become confident through that critical phase of development. 

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CLASS B (On-Line Class, $19.00)

Pet First Aid



Here's what to expect at the start of the pet first aid class.  The class will cover everything from what to do if your pet is choking to how to treat a snake bite.

One of the key things in the class is the importance of having pet first-aid kits in both your home and your car (learn more about how to create a pet first-aid kit) and a lesson on giving your pet a variation of the Heimlich if it's choking.

Most of all, you will feel more confident that you'll be prepared and able to assist your cat and dog companions if they need you.  Email us to find out what you need to know about taking a pet first-aid and CPR class. 

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Snout 2 Tail Wellness Assessment

The snout to tail wellness assessment is a systematic and deliberate method for evaluating and determining the current status of your pet's overall health. This can also be a bonding experience for you and your pet. 

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