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Snout to Tail Assessment for Wellness

The snout-to-tail wellness assessment is a systematic and deliberate method for evaluating and determining the current status of your pet's overall health. This can also be a bonding experience for you and your pet. There is no part of a pet that you should not be able to touch. Additionally, having a pet that is comfortable being touched will assure it a better examination by its veterinarian.

If you know what is "normal" for your pet, then you will be able to quickly recognize what is "not normal" for your pet. Early detection means early intervention. This process can take a few minutes or as long as it takes you to complete all the steps. You should assess your pet from snout-to-tail at least once a week but preferably three or more times a week. It should be done the same way each time with deliberate intent and purpose. You will be looking for any irregularities of the skin or haircoat, bumps, lumps, swelling, rashes, secretions or any changes in your pet from the last assessment.

This is an ideal skill to perform when returning from a walk or hike. Be sure to look for foxtails, ticks, burrs, salt crystals, tar, ice, etc... Contact Pet University at to sign up for this class. Class fee: $12

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